Everything you need to know about the Shamisen!

Fun Facts about Fulfillment Time

While Nitta san and I are the face of Bachido, we have several partners and suppliers who are involved in procuring the items for your order. Thus, while you've purchased everything in one order, you might receive several packages at different times (based on what you ordered). Why? Excellent [...]

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Shamisen Accessories: What you need for a basic setup

Getting a brand new shamisen and need accessories? Find out what you really need! It's common to think that the shamisen maker is the one who puts on the strings, koma (bridge) and other accessories before selling. While that's true for makers who sell their instruments direct to customers, [...]

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Styles of Shamisen

First, let’s learn about the three main sizes of shamisen and a few of the many styles associated with them. Note: The shamisen styles explained below are commonly used with a particular neck size, but please know that the styles don’t necessarily require specific sizes. For example, shamisen for [...]

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How to Tune the Shamisen

Being a folk instrument, the shamisen is very easy for people to pick up and learn how to play (assuming they allow time to get accustomed to the large plectrum and the whole fretless thing). However, in the beginning, one major difficulty is understanding how the shamisen is tuned. [...]

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