California Dreams

California Dreams


Shamisen Fusion Duet album; Recorded by Yuzu Natsumi (Vocals, Keyboard) Kyle Abbott (Shamisen, Mandolin, Guitar), Karl Hedlund (Bass), and Eien Hunter-Ishikawa (Taiko, Shinobue). Ships from California.

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This is our album California Dreams.

Yuzu Natsumi is a Singer-Songwriter in Tokyo, Japan. In 2018, she visited me for a joint concert and after only one rehearsal, we decided to record an album together!

Bringing together percussionist/flutist Eien Hunter-Ishikawa from Portland and Bassist Karl Hedlund from Sweden, we created ‘California Dreams’. Most of these songs are original pieces from Yuzu Natsumi, and others are creative arrangements of traditional Japanese minyo (folk songs).

It’s a beautiful blending of traditional Japanese instrumentation (shamisen, fue, taiko, minyo vocals) and western instrumentation (mandolin, vibes, bass, and more), so please listen and enjoy the California Dreams!
—Kyle Abbott, producer

Special guests: Yuzu Natsumi – vocals, keyboard (2); Eien Hunter-Ishikawa – percussion, vibes, flute; Karl Hedlund – bass

Album art designed in France by the creative (yet tasteful) Samuel Mann! If you are making any project and would like solid, professional artwork, feel free to contact Samuel! Check out his Instagram.


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