Karin Tsugaru Shamisen

Karin Tsugaru Shamisen

From: $2,020

This is a standard type of Shamisen for Tsugaru style.

Important: This shamisen does NOT include any accessories required to play (no strings, plectrum, etc). Unless you already have accessories, please consider selecting The Tsugaru Shamisen Accessory Set option for all the essential items required to make your shamisen playable. Otherwise, by selecting The Karin Tsugaru Shamisen only, you will receive the masterfully built shamisen in an unplayable condition.

The Tsugaru’s Shamisen Accessory Set consists of entry level items so users can get the most affordable option to start playing. If you’d like to select your own accessories (to get preferred colors, choose particular bachi, add extra strings, etc), please go to Essentials and choose the best items for yourself.

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This high quality Karin Tsugaru shamisen is crafted with the perks of an expensive kouki shamisen, but at a lower price because it’s made with Karin wood (which is more widely available than Kouki). It includes a natural head for superior sound quality, an azuma sawari to adjust the amount of vibration to the first string, and a mitsuori neck (which means it can be separated in three pieces).


  • Karin wood
  • Natural/Fibersen skin
  • Mitsuori sao
  • Azuma Sawari installed

Please specify your choice of Fibersen or Natural Skin

Note: Being a natural material, natural skin always has a risk of rupture due to environment and integrity of the skin. Because there is no way of knowing the long term strength of the skin, we can only offer warranty if the skin ruptures during shipping. Warranty is void if a skin ruptures after delivery, even 10 minutes later.
Thus, choosing synthetic Fibersen is recommended.

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