Mexican Royal Ebony Itomaki Set

Mexican Royal Ebony Itomaki Set


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This set of Elite Itomaki is made from two-tone Mexican Royal Ebony, fitted with African Blackwood pegs.

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This is another favorite set of Mexican Royal Ebony. I absolutely love the natural matching of deep brown (almost purpleish, but my eyes aren’t good enough to verify that) heartwood with golden sapwood! Another natural feature, this particular batch of wood has holes from natural wood-boring insects!

Full disclosure, I’ve had this board for several years and the seller told me about the holes before I bought it. I loved the heartwood/sapwood combination so much that I didn’t mind. Personally, I think it’s cool to know that part of this itomaki was someone’s lunch many years ago! Note, all the holes have been filled with cyanoacrylate glue and is smooth to the feel. But they are still very noticeable.


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