Ebony Nagauta Itomaki Set

Ebony Nagauta Itomaki Set


Brand new set of Ebony Nagauta style Itomaki made by Tokyo Wagakki. These itomaki are direct from the maker, and require turning (making the peg round with a file or lathe) to specially fit in each row of holes, as well as drilling string holes.

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You can find amazing deals on excellent vintage shamisen on auction sites, but often the itomaki are worn beyond repair, or are so short from having been refitted many times (a process which requires slightly shaving down the itomaki each time). In any of these cases, most likely the original itomaki can still be used, but they often slip very easily or turn unevenly. While still playable, replacing them with brand new itomaki makes the playing experience so much more enjoyable!

These Ebony Nagauta itomaki are made with high quality ebony by the incredible folks at Tokyo Wagakki. It’s important to know that itomaki are not “plug and play.” Because every shamisen is handmade, the itomaki holes are subtly different enough that an itomaki might fit perfectly in one shamisen, but will be too tight/loose in another. Because of this, itomaki are made to be fitted precisely each particular row of itomaki holes in each particular shamisen. The pegs need to be rounded with either a file or lathe, and the string holes need to be drilled.

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