Nitta Ryu – Scorebook #1

Nitta Ryu – Scorebook #1


This scorebook contains tablature (bunkafu) for 10 songs in the Nitta Ryu (style).

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Masahiro Nitta and Hiroshi Nitta (his father) have released their first scorebook using their signature Tsugaru Shamisen style, Nitta Ryu. This book includes traditional Tsugaru pieces as well as their original duets!


Explantation of Nitta Ryu.
1. Tsugaru Jonkara Bushi (Nitta Ryu version),
2. Dounan Kudoki,
3. Jonkara Kyuu Bushi,
4. Jonkara Shin Bushi,
5. Aiya Bushi,
6. Yosare Bushi,
7. Ohara Bushi,
8. Akita NikataBushi,
9. Kizuna (duet),
10. Kita no Hibiki (duet)


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