Shinobi Koma – Kobashiki

Shinobi Koma – Kobashiki


This Shinobi Koma – Kobashiki is the best Shinobi Koma available.

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Far superior on many levels:
1) The Kobashiki Shinobi Koma is shaped in such a way that you can freely execute maebachi and ushirobachi techniques without being constrained by the size of the koma.
2) The Kobashiki Shibobi Koma reduces the percussive volume as well as the volume from the strings, providing a satisfying and balanced low-volume experience.
3) The koma is made from Take (bamboo)
4) The height of the koma can be adjusted.
5) The amount of volume suppresion can easily be adjusted at the touch of a dial.
6) It is light and can be installed easily.

Sound quality: Muted (intentionally)

Material: Koma: Bamboo Bachigawa: Plastic and Aluminum

Height: Adjustable

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Bamboo, Metal, Plastic


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