Skin Replacement (Natural Skin)

Skin Replacement (Natural Skin)


Looking to have the skins of your shamisen replaced with a fresh natural skin? No problem at all! All you have to do is send your dou (soundbox) to Kyle and he will remove the old skins and replace them with new natural skins. After you order the service, Kyle will send you the shipping information and will start working on your repair as soon as he receives your dou.

Note: Currently, Kyle is replacing natural skin for nagauta and jiuta shamisen. For those wanting high tension natural skin for tsugaru shamisen, he will connect you with his partner in Japan.

Possible extra costs

  1. Broken Dou: The glue on vintage shamisen is known to fail due to age. Sometimes, the corner joints of the dou are already separated and are simply held together by the skins alone! When this happens, the dou must be reglued before reskinning. Please note there may be a $50 to $100 extra fee if this happens.
  2. Rubber Pad (Dou Gomu): If your dou has a rubber pad (dou gomu) attached to it, please remove it before shipping. Unlike new dou gomu, (which peel off easily and cleanly) the rubber of old dou gomu are often partially disintegrated and crumble when trying to remove it. It’s a considerable hassle, and there may be $20 extra fee to remove it.
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Vintage Tone™ (Natural)

Skin Replacement (Natural Skin). Vintage Tone™ is natural goat skin specially prepared for shamisen. Unlike goat skin used for doumbeks and bongos, Vintage Tone™ is developed by master craftsmen who once made the highest quality traditional shamisen skin (before the recent switch to goat skin). The result:

  • Strength of skin is so high, even a shamisen harikae machine (used for stretching skin tightly on a shamisen) can’t break it.
  • Thickness is masterfully leveled to the same taper as traditional skin, which is thicker on one side and thinner on the other.
  • Tone is very warm and responsive, and the sawari rings clear as a bell. Not to mention, it’s loud!

Read more about Vintage Tone™ in the Shamipedia!

Professional Vintage Tone Skinning available by Kyle Abbott in California and Taichi Yanaka in Japan

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Both Sides, One Side

Shamisen Type

Jiuta, Nagauta, Tsugaru


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