Soft Shell Mitsuori Case

Soft Shell Mitsuori Case


The Mitsuori Case has a soft, padded interior with a sleek nylon exterior (like the Pack Case). Lid of Mitsuori Case has a special compartment for the bachi, and a side pouch for strings and yubikake. Straps connect on the backside for carrying on your back. If you don’t need to carry it on your back, the straps can conveniently slip into a zip-up pouch (shown in pictures).

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If you have a shamisen with a three-piece sao, disassembling it can make the shamisen much smaller and easier to travel with. To safely do this, it’s best to have a case that’s specifically designed to fit and protect a disassembled shamisen. The Mitsuori Case is the right case for the job!

Please keep in mind, I only recommend mitsuori cases for traveling or if you don’t have space to store your shamisen. Some folks think that because a mitsuori case exists, the shamisen should be disassembled after every practice session. Quite the contrary, frequent disassembly/assembly of the shamisen sao gradually wears down the joints, and so it’s better to keep the shamisen assembled if you are playing regularly.

Note: Case shown in pictures is Kyle’s pack case. Bachido identification tag not included.

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Large (Tsugaru), Small (Nagauta/Jiuta)


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