The 2nd studio album from Monsters of Shamisen. Ships from California.

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Stellar is a unique creation. With an appreciation for all cultural styles, I made the primary goal to capture the song’s feeling and heritage, and then incorporate shamisen appropriately. Rather than just as a background ensemble to support a shredding shamisen, the feeling of Stellar is to incorporate the shamisen WITH all the instruments, as my dream for the future of shamisen is to be an instrument commonly played along with others.
—Kyle Abbott, producer


Kevin Kmetz (shamisen, gottan, guitar)
Masahiro Nitta (shamisen, gottan)
Kyle Abbott (shamisen, mandolin, cello, morin khuur, doshpuluur, pan flute, taiko, percussion, countertenor, throat-singing, vocals)

Special guests: Luke Abbott – guitar, vocals (4); Hiroshi Nitta – shamisen (5); Yoshie Nitta – vocals (5); Armando Alcaraz – vocals (3); Wendy Molin – vocals (3); The Great Morgani – accordion (1); Mason Hutchingson – bass (1)

Shout Outs!

Cheers to Samuel Mann in France for designing the amazing album art! If you’re making an artsy project, this is the guy to contact! (

A big THANK YOU to all of these supporters who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign. You guys are awesome!

Eric Johnson · LuckyKappa · Lorraine MacDonald · Joel Braverman · Caroline Choong · Ryosuke Ueda · Anthony Polloreno · Damon Young · Roo Friend · Sayuri Ichiba · Eli Moreland · Todd Ashbaugh · Tiki Beeki · George Bray · Bryan Michael Whited · Josh Molyneux · Maniwa Arisawa · Robert Aoki Havas · Maggs · Rick Lawrence · Sue-Rae Rosenfeld · Josie Hyde · Karl Hedlund · Tier Pépin · Dan Mills · Ayako Yahagi · Frankie Diaz · Kyoko Senga · Sumika Kawamura · Alessandro · Liam Morgan · Laura Dexter · Jesse South · Charles Fitt · James Low · Shadowjack · Louis Irving · Gerry McGoldrick · Ten ten Canada · Brian Chan · Patrick Deaton · Liya tova · Viperdriver · Dianne Porter · Kevin Miles · Neil · Antonia Bell · Ken Pelletier · Michael Harnish · Dina Saalisi · Gwyn Harris · Adrian Crovetto


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