The Cuckoo

The Cuckoo


This is my first studio album, the Cuckoo. Personally I cringe when I listen to this one, as I enjoy my newer works a lot more. My wife likes this album though.

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As you may or may not know, shamisen is not the only instrument I play. I started mandolin when I was 7, dabbled with banjo when I was 12, and then picked up shamisen when around 14~15 (as well as many other instruments in between). Not only did I love traditional Japanese music, but Tuvan throat singing, baroque and Appalachian old time were other musics I also dabbled in.

Practiced with these various genres, I always wanted to hear my favorite songs arranged with my instruments, but the limitations of being only one person made that quite difficult. However! When recording tracks for Monsters of Shamisen in 2012, I discovered I could easily record arrangements exactly how they sounded swimming in my head.

From this realization, I decided that whenever musical inspiration struck, I should run to the studio and record them. It was a very slow, organic process. Every few months for the next 1½ years, I recorded these songs whenever time and inspiration allowed. Before I knew it, there was enough material for my first solo album! Not only did I have a presentable collection of my musical works, but also, more importantly, I had the satisfaction that my brother wouldn’t be the only Abbott with a solo album anymore! (Check out his album here!)
—Kyle Abbott, producer

Track Index & Samples


Bonaparte’s Retreat

Mirrors (Bonus)

Fly Away (Bonus)

All instrumentation and vocals by Kyle Abbott.

Album art designed in France by the creative (yet tasteful) Samuel Mann! If you are making any project and would like solid, professional artwork, feel free to contact Samuel! Check out his Instagram.


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