The KoShamisen

The KoShamisen

From: $1,190

Designed with a perfect half-size sao and a natural skin, you can get an authentic shamisen sound with a size convenient enough to take hiking or on the road.

Important: This shamisen does NOT include any accessories required to play (no strings, plectrum, etc). Unless you already have accessories, please consider selecting The Beginner’s Shamisen Accessory Set option for all the essential items required to make your shamisen playable. Otherwise, by selecting The KoShamisen only, you will receive the masterfully built shamisen in an unplayable condition.

The Beginner’s Shamisen Accessory Set consists of entry level items so users can get the most affordable option to start playing. If you’d like to select your own accessories (to get preferred colors, choose particular bachi, add extra strings, etc), please go to Essentials and choose the best items for yourself.

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The KoShamisen

Note: This is not meant to be a kid size shamisen, but it is a perfect way for kids to get started playing, or for arthritic people who have pain when lifting their arm up that much.

Accessories not included.


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