The “No Limits” Shamisen

The “No Limits” Shamisen

From $1,890

The No-Limits Shamisen! An otherwise standard high quality Karin shamisen with a unique base of the sao which extends to the edge of the dou, as opposed to swooping down (the shape which is called Hatomune)

Important: This shamisen does NOT include any accessories required to play (no strings, plectrum, etc). Unless you already have accessories, please consider selecting The Tsugaru Shamisen Accessory Set option for all the essential items required to make your shamisen playable. Otherwise, by selecting The “No Limits” Shamisen only, you will receive the masterfully built shamisen in an unplayable condition.

The Tsugaru’s Shamisen Accessory Set consists of entry level items so users can get the most affordable option to start playing. If you’d like to select your own accessories (to get preferred colors, choose particular bachi, add extra strings, etc), please go to Essentials and choose the best items for yourself.

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Let’s say you’re ripping away on an original Avant Garde piece, taking the melody to new highs. Life is great at this point. Every note you strike is precise and nothing can stop you, so you decide to kick it up a notch! Higher and higher you climb the fingerboard. You’re just so hot right now, the shamisen strings are starting to smoke and faces are melting!
Oh no! But what’s this? You want to play even higher but you’ve reached the end of the sao! For this, Masahiro Nitta has designed the No Limits Shamisen. The neck extends all the way to the dou, giving the clearest tone and allowing you complete freedom to unleash your creativity.


  • Karin Wood
  • Natural skin
  • Mitsuori sao (extended)
  • Azuma Sawari Included

Note: Accessories not included.


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