Tsugaru Ito Set Pack (Gokujo)

Tsugaru Ito Set Pack (Gokujo)


The Gokujo ito are the considered to be the highest quality string for shamisen, and ideal for stage use.

Note: The ichi no ito will not fit in a nagauta/jiuta shamisen, as the diameter of the string holes in the itomaki are smaller. It can be done if you widen the string hole first, but I’ve tried using such a thick string on a nagauta shamisen as an experiment, and feel that the tone of the thinner string balances much better with the smaller size of the nagauta shamisen.

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Why is this set cheaper than the “Tsugaru Ito Set Pack (Fujiito)”?
It’s because the Fujiito set includes a double length (2X) ichi no ito. The double length ichi no ito is higher quality than the single length of the Fujiito. The Gokujo string is single length, and so the price comes out relatively cheaper. Personally, while I am perfectly happy using the average quality Fujiito, I do notice a difference in sound quality. The Gokujo ito has a more delicate and richer tone than the Fujiito ito.

Includes one Ichi no Ito, a pack of two Ni no Ito and a pack of five San no Ito.
String Gauges: 30-1 / 15-2 / 14-3


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