Everything you need to know about the Shamisen!

Shamisen Accessories: What you need for a basic setup

Getting a brand new shamisen and need accessories? Find out what you really need! It's common to think that the shamisen maker is the one who puts on the strings, koma (bridge) and other accessories before selling. While that's true for makers who sell their instruments direct to customers, [...]

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How to Install Your New Elite Itomaki

Fun Fact: Itomaki are NOT Plug & Play Itomaki are held in place with friction, and the key to a tight fit is achieving a correct taper so the peg contacts the zagane (metal fitting) just enough. Too much contact, the itomaki is impossible to turn. Too little contact, [...]

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About Elite Itomaki The Spearhead of Expression For modern shamisen styles, the main point of impact for fashionable expression is the shining itomaki boldly displayed on the top of our shamisen. Whether a player is practicing at home or playing on stage, the itomaki are always the centerpiece of the [...]

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