Acrylic Bachi (Adjustable Weight)

Acrylic Bachi (Adjustable Weight)


The weight and balance of this bachi can be customized to your personal preference!

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Typically, bachi have weighted handles, but the weight of the bachi varies on the maker, and if pre-owned, varies on the player it was made for. Because every player’s hand and wrist strength are different, not all bachi are weighted the same. This means that for one person, a 120g bachi will feel perfect, but another player’s wrist will tire more quickly.

With the Adjustable Weight Acrylic Bachi, you’re now able to customize the weight distribution to the exact heft and balance best for you! The blade is acrylic (same as most acrylic bachi coming out these days), etched with both Wave (Clear/No-Color) and Sakura (Light Cherry color) designs. Unscrew the handle to find eighteen 5g weights inside, easy to remove and adjust within the individual slots inside the handle.

Bachi Length: 170mm
Handle Base Width: 25mm
Handle Base Depth: 21mm
Blade Width: 94mm

Minimum Weight: 53g
Maximum Weight: 145g

Note: Regular bekko bachi can weigh as much as 190g, but a max of 145g is safe for most people. Higher than that can cause wrist pain if the user doesn’t have proper bachi technique.

Additional information

Weight .145 kg
Dimensions 17 × 2.5 × 2.1 cm



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