Acrylic Bachi – Tinted

Acrylic Bachi – Tinted


Made out of clear acrylic with a colored tint.

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The “Acrylic Bachi – Tinted” has the exact same weight and feel as the Acrylic Bachi, but features a very attractive color in the handle portion of the bachi. This bachi is expertly cast as one single piece of acrylic, but with skills far above my own, the maker is able to add color into the handle section, which fades to clear towards the blade end of the bachi. This is a cool fashion point, as you can color-coordinate your performance wear with your bachi!

Light in weight and yielding a strong tone, the Acrylic Bachi is a fantastic way to give your shamisen look a modern and stylish appearance. Goes with almost any performance wardrobe. Just make sure you know where you put it, because the downside of being fully transparent is that it tends to blend in with it’s surroundings!

Note: Although the Acrylic Bachi is super cool and has a strong tone, the blade is very hard and comparable to the Plastic Bachi. Unless you already prefer bachi with a Hard level of Flexibility, you might find this to be uncomfortable to wield. But the looks could be worth it!

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Very Hard

Bachi Color

Blue, Red


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