Acrylic Bachi (LED)

Acrylic Bachi (LED)


Unleash the Wow Factor with this dazzling LED Acrylic Bachi! Similar to the Adjustable Weight model, this Bachi radiates brilliance with an integrated LED light, adjustable at a button’s press. Equipped with four 5g weights for balance customization and an acrylic blade etched with Wave and Sakura designs. To switch blades, unscrew and separate the handle. The LED Bachi has a slightly thicker handle due to the light source. It weighs 100g, with a 170mm length, 25mm base handle width/depth, and a 94mm blade width.

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Prepare to dazzle your friends and audiences even more by amping up the Wow Factor with this stunning LED Acrylic Bachi! Made in the same style as the Adjustable Weight Acrylic Bachi, this bachi is loaded with a powerful LED light which can be switched on and adjusted with the press of a button in the handle!

Furthermore, this bachi has four 5g weights which you can add/remove to adjust the overall balance!

The blade is acrylic (same as most acrylic bachi coming out these days), etched with both Wave (Clear/No-Color) and Sakura (Light Cherry color) designs. Switch out blades by removing the screws, separating the handle and simply swap out blades.

Weight: 100g
Bachi Length: 170mm
Handle Base Width: 25mm
Handle Base Depth: 25mm
Blade Width: 94mm

The handle of the LED Acrylic Bachi is slightly thicker than the Adjustable Weight model above. (Extra space is needed to accommodate the light source)

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm
Blade Width





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