Hard Shell Mitsuori Case (with Straps)

Hard Shell Mitsuori Case (with Straps)


This case is designed to hold a shamisen with a fully disassembled sao. The interior is more minimalistic compared to the Soft Shell Mitsuori Case. (Less interior foam, but relatively more space to fill with miscellaneous items.)

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Note: This video demonstrates a very similar (older) kind of hardshell mitsuori case. Not exactly the same as the version sold here, but incredibly close.


Many a player has enjoyed the classic elegance of black faux-leather with gold-colored latches, and you can too! This hard shell Mitsuori case is made in the similar style as most guitar and other instrument cases, with stitched faux-leather exterior and secure latches to hold the lid in place. Straps included for convenient back-schlepping!

This elegant Mitsuori Case greatly differs from the Mitsuori Case above in a few ways.

1. This case has a hard outer shell, whereas the case above is covered with soft nylon. One isn’t better than the other, but one might be more aesthetically pleasing than the other.
2. The inside padding of the Soft Shell Mitsuori Case is molded to fit a standard shamisen, whereas the Hard Shell case has no such molding. The benefit of soft molded foam is the feeling of security. The downside is you can’t put as much inside because the foam takes up space.

From personal observation: most of my professional friends have used this type of Hard Shell Mitsuori Case with no problems. Although the extra foam feels safer, it’s not really necessary for most normal scenarios (as it’s worn on the back and so wouldn’t encounter much shock/trauma). There are ties inside to secure the tenjin and nakazao to the case, so everything is quite secure.


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