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Ito (strings)

Stock up on ito (strings) to keep your shamisen producing glorious sounds! Available in Silk, Nylon and Tetron.

Learn about shamisen ito and watch how to string a shamisen.

String gauge (thickness)

Higher-gauge strings are thicker, lower gauge strings are thinner. If you don’t have a preference, go with our recommended defaults.

Ito Set Pack (Tsugaru) 津軽糸セットパック (IT-TS)

Includes one Ichi no Ito (2X), a pack of three Ni no Ito and a pack of five San no Ito.

$44 USD

Ito Set (Tsugaru) 津軽糸セット (IT-TS-S)

Includes one Ichi no Ito, one Ni no Ito and one San no Ito.

$13 USD

Ito Set (Nagauta) 長唄 糸セット (IT-NS)

Inludes one Ichi no Ito, one Ni no Ito and one San no Ito.

$23 USD

Ichi no Ito (Silk) 一の糸 (IT-1)

The thickest string. Material – Silk.
Available in sizes for both Tsugaru and Nagauta styles.

Special Note for Tsugaru

The feel of this string is harder.
This string is recommended if a hard bass and overall forceful tone is desired.

$9 USD

Ichi no Ito 2X (Silk) 一の糸 (IT-1F)

This Ichi no Ito is double length, so you have enough string for two shamisen.

You might be wondering why this double-length string costs over three times as much as a single-length “Ichi no Ito (Silk)” string above. Excellent question! Compared to the single-length, the feel of this silk string is softer. It is recommended if you want the bass tone to have more delicate resonance with richer harmonics.

For Tsugaru style.
Gauge: 25.

$31 USD

Ni no Ito (Tetoron) 二の糸 (IT-2T)

The middle string.
Material for Tsugaru style – Tetoron
Material for Nagauta style – Silk
Sold as a pack of three strings. 

$7 USD

San no Ito (Nylon) 三の糸 (IT-3N)

The thinnest string. Material – Nylon.
Sold as a pack of five strings.

$7 USD