Tsugaru Ito Set – Black

Tsugaru Ito Set – Black


This is a very special set of ito made by Marusan Hishimoto Co. (the most trusted maker of shamisen strings, and the only brand of string I sell in the Bachido Store) In the Tsugaru Ito Set – Black all strings are dyed black and look very striking against a white shamisen skin. Just be careful when playing shamisen in the dark!

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From what I’ve heard, these strings don’t have the best sound quality (especially compared to the Gokujo string), but they’re still very good and the color balances the rest!

Includes one Ichi no Ito, a pack of two Ni no Ito and a pack of five San no Ito.

String Gauges: 28-1 / 15-2 / 14-3

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14-3, 15-2, 28-1


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