Kase (Shamisen Capo)

Kase (Shamisen Capo)


The Kase is the equivalent of a capo for the shamisen. It’s quite a cool accessory, although isn’t commonly used by most shamisen players.

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When playing alone, the main keys shamisen use are B, C, and D. Key of B if you want a lower warmer tone, key of D if you want a bright crisp tone, and key of C for somewhere in the middle. However, playing duets or accompanying vocalists can send you shamisen to the key of E or higher! Key of E is very high string tension and can cause strings to break easily. This is a perfect time to use a Kase!

The Kase operates the same as a guitar capo. When you clamp it to the sao, it raises the pitch of all the strings. Thus, it’s an easy way to play in higher keys while keeping your strings looser. What makes this Kase unique is that it also has a sawari screw! When it’s adjusted correctly, it allows your ichi no ito to buzz just as it would if it was an azuma/en sawari. (which can’t happen if it was a regular capo or barring all the strings with a finger)

Two sizes available: For Hosozao shamisen (referred to as ‘Nagauta’) and Futozao shamisen (‘Tsugaru’).

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Large (Tsugaru), Small (Nagauta/Jiuta)


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