Kyle’s Recommended Tsugaru Shamisen Set

Kyle’s Recommended Tsugaru Shamisen Set


This set includes a Tsugaru Shamisen as well as all the accessories (including a higher end bachi) needed for a very comfortable playing experience.

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This set is assembled to give the most enjoyable shamisen experience for the Mid-Range buyer interested in Tsugaru style.

Kyle’s Recommended Set comes with:

  • (TSY-1) Tsugaru Shamisen fitted with Fibersen
  • Pack Case
  • Faux-Bekkou Bachi (shown as Plastic Bachi in picture)
  • Bamboo Koma
  • Leather Doukake
  • Yubikake, Bachido Saofuki
  • Washi Bag
  • Dou Gomu Shi-ru
  • Pitch Pipe
  • Ito Set

(Note: Even though shown in picture, Shamisen of Japan is not included)

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Itomaki Type

Black Ebony (Standard)

Azuma Sawari Option



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