Manyo Desiccant Pouch

Manyo Desiccant Pouch


This desiccant pouch is meant to remove moisture from the Manyo sheet (which in turn is meant to remove moisture from the natural skin on shamisen) once it becomes saturated with moisture. To use, put both the “Manyo Desiccant Pouch” and “Manyo: Advanced Moisture Control” sheet inside a plastic bag in order for the pouch to effectively remove moisture from the sheet.

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The purpose of the “Manyo: Advanced Moisture Control” sheet is to absorb moisture from the shamisen’s skin. Eventually, the Manyo sheet become full of moisture and not be able to absorb any more. (especially in humid climates) For this, the Manyo Desiccant Pouch is made to remove the moisture from the Manyo sheet, so it can once again keep your shamisen skin dry with maximum efficiency!

Eventually, the Manyo Desiccant Pouch will also fill with moisture. Every so often, place it in a dry environment (for example, an oven at a very, very low temperature) to dry it out.

Note, this is simply a large desiccant packet, just like the kind included with electronics (like cameras or cell phones). Although it is larger than the common small desiccant pouches, the purpose is the same. Theoretically, if you have a bunch of the smaller pouches on hand, you can just cover the Manyo surface with them and leave it for a day.


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