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Hands tired of playing shamisen? Take a break and listen to some shamisen music! Our selection is limited, but quite awesome.

"Nitta Ryu - Scorebook 新田流譜面 (NIFM1)

Masahiro Nitta and Hiroshi Nitta (his father) have released their first scorebook using their signature Tsugaru Shamisen style, Nitta Ryu. This book includes traditional Tsugaru pieces as well as their original duets!
Includes: Explantation of Nitta Ryu. Tsugaru Jonkara Bushi (Nitta Ryu version), Dounan Kudoki, Jonkara Kyuu Bushi, Jonkara Shin Bushi, Aiya Bushi, Yosare Bushi, Ohara Bushi, Akita Nikata Bushi, Kizuna (duet), Kita no Hibiki (duet)

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Japanese DNA Masahiro Nitta

I have made my 11th album – returning to my roots, I expressed both the tradition and evolution of the shamisen in my solos. As for traditional minyo, most pieces are very long, so I made shorter arrangements (2~3 minute songs) to make unfamiliar pieces enjoyable. Incorporating the traditional melody line with the original Nitta style, these pieces are made fresh, but still give a nostalgic feeling. I want to ensure that the charm of these traditional pieces and the tone of the tsugaru shamisen lives on in this age and continues to the next generation. ~ Nitta Masahiro.
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Karma Oyama X Nitta

This unique CD features Masahiro Nitta and Yutaka Oyama, two of the most talented shamisen players. This album could be defined as modern shamisen music, but unlike other shamisen fusion albums, the only instruments on this album are tsugaru shamisen. Nitta and Oyama make the music from their two shamisen as full as any ensemble. This album shows that a new tradition of shamisen is emerging for the world to enjoy. If you want to taste of a new direction in shamisen in it’s purest form, this is it. – Kyle

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Tsugaru Shamisen Chikuzan Takahashi

Track Listing:
1. Tosa no Sunayama (十三の砂山)
2. Tsugaru Shamisen Kumikyoku (津軽三味線組曲)
3. Tsugaru Jongara Bushi (kyuu) (津軽じょんがら節(旧節))
4. Tsugaru Jongara Bushi (naka) (津軽じょんがら節(中節))
5. Tsugaru Jongara Bushi (shin) (津軽じょんがら節(新節))
6. Tsugaru San Sagari (津軽三下り)
7. Toyama Bushi (外山節)
8. Tsugaru Ondo (津軽音頭)
9. Tsugaru Aiya Bushi (津軽あいや節)
10. Tsugaru Shiogama Jinku(津軽塩釜甚句)
11. Tsugaru Yosare Bushi (kyuu) (津軽よされ節(旧節))
12. Tsugaru Yosare Bushi (shin) (津軽よされ節(新節))
13. Tsugaru Ohara Bushi (津軽小原節)
14. Tsugaru Wahai Bushi (津軽ワイハ節)
15. Tsugaru Iwaki Tozan Bayashi (津軽岩木登山ばやし)
16. Tsugaru Jinku (津軽甚句)
17. Ajigasawa Jinku (鯵ケ沢甚句)
18. Oshimako Bushi (お島コ節)
19. Yasaburo Bushi (弥三郎節)
20. Ringo Bushi (りんご節)

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Overdrive オーバードライブ

Recently retitled as “Three String Samurai,” this entertaining film features Masahiro & Hiroshi Nitta, Shinichi Kinoshita, and a double-neck shamisen! In all honesty, it’s a little cheezy but still a fun story. If you are interested in shamisen, it’s a must-see. Then again, any film featuring shamisen is a must-see, in my opinion!

Click here to read a review and watch a trailer of Overdrive.
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