At Bachido, we know that shamisen are very expensive instruments to learn. Though some people know shamisen is for them upon hearing the first strike of the string, it’s difficult for most of us to spend $1000 on an instrument without trying it first. Fortunately, Nitta san managed to find shamisen built for school use, and he ordered a whole fleet of them in bulk for a discount rate in order to pass those savings onto you! We’re so happy to finally have this shamisen set available so people can start their three-stringed journey with greater ease!

The Shamisen Starter Set includes everything you need to start playing shamisen. As you can watch in “Unboxing the Shamisen Starter Set”, the shamisen and the entire set of accessories are shipped together in one box. Many other shamisen stores in Japan will ship their shamisen fully assembled, which for overseas deliveries very often results in broken necks and shattered dreams. (Truly, I’ve had to fix many broken shamisen which customers received from other stores) At Bachido, we ensure safe delivery by shipping shamisen fully disassembled with every part carefully wrapped. Since 2014, we’ve shipped over 700 shamisen with a nearly perfect delivery rate. So when you get your shamisen at Bachido, you can rest assured knowing your shamisen will arrive safely!

Now, the safest method of delivery does mean the shamisen will need to be assembled and accessories attached after arrival. A daunting task it seems, but fear not, In my “Step-by-Step Guide to Shamisen Assembly”, I will carefully walk you through the entire assembly process. From putting the neck together to tuning the shamisen, we will confidently set up your new three-stringed friend! Afterwards, you can learn how to play using the video lessons included with your purchase!


  • Hosozao (thin-neck) Shamisen
  • Sao: Mitsuori (Three-piece neck)
  • Itomaki: Ebony
  • Skin: Fibersen
  • Wood of Sao and Dou: Karin
    (Note) Darkness/color of wood may vary.
  • Included Accessories

  • Bachi (plectrum)
  • Bachigawa (skin protector)
  • Bamboo Koma (bridge)
  • Doukake (body cover)
  • Fujaku (position mark strip)
  • Ito (strings)
  • Kamigoma (shamisen nut: requires glue for installation)
  • Keychain Accessory (fun stuff!)
  • Neo (tailpiece)
  • Pitch Pipe
  • Soft Case
  • Yubikake (fingerpants)

Helpful Videos

Step-by-Step Guide to Shamisen Assembly (using the Shamisen Starter Set)

Unboxing the Shamisen Starter Set

DaFAQ: Shamisen Masterclass Series (it’s free!)

Kyle’s Opinion

Having tested it out myself, I am very happy with the quality of this shamisen. The clear and resonant tone almost surprised me, it’s so nice! The tone gave me great satisfaction, which is something I wasn’t expecting from a shamisen of this price. Unlike other beginner level shamisen, this one sounds like… like a real instrument! Also, the itomaki are made from real wood and the shamisen sparkles with a luscious lacquer, making this a beautiful instrument to admire as you play it. This is a shamisen that sounds great and looks beautiful. If you are ready to start learning, this is the instrument for you. You may pick this shamisen up as a beginner, but you will cherish it for many years to come.

Some might

Special Bonus!

To help you get started with your new Shamisen Starter Set, I am including several learning materials for free!

  • Bachido Shamisen Crash Course
  • Premium Shamisen Course: Sakura
  • Premium Shamisen Course: Ringo Bushi
  • Premium Shamisen Course: Yasaburo Bushi

Note: A Bachido membership (free) is required to access the courses.

(Please allow three weeks for fulfillment)