Skin Replacement (Hibiki)

Skin Replacement (Hibiki)


Looking to have your broken natural shamisen skin replaced with a synthetic shamisen skin? No problem at all! All you have to do is send your dou (soundbox) to Kyle and he will remove the old skins and replace them with Hibiki: Advanced Synthetic Skin! After you order the service, Kyle will send you the shipping information and will start working on your repair as soon as he receives your dou.

Possible extra costs

  1. Broken Dou: The glue on vintage shamisen is known to fail due to age. Sometimes, the corner joints of the dou are already separated and are simply held together by the skins alone! When this happens, the dou must be reglued before reskinning. Please note there may be a $50 to $100 extra fee if this happens.
  2. Rubber Pad (Dou Gomu): If your dou has a rubber pad (dou gomu) attached to it, please remove it before shipping. Unlike new dou gomu, (which peel off easily and cleanly) the rubber of old dou gomu are often partially disintegrated and crumble when trying to remove it. It’s a considerable hassle, and there may be $20 extra fee to remove it.
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Skin Replacement (Hibiki)

Exclusively at Bachido, Hibiki is the most advanced synthetic shamisen skin on the market. After extensively searching for new shamisen skin materials, Kyle Abbott finally discovered Hibiki in 2018 and loved it so much, he uses it for his own personal shamisen.

Hibiki (Advanced Synthetic Skin)


    • Richer Tone: The plastic shamisen skin from the 1990s/2000s was infamous for being so unresponsive that it sounded like a toy. Hibiki boasts an overall sharp and powerful tone while providing a deeper richness and a ringing clarity to all three strings.
  • Hibiki Synthetic Skin (Black)

    • Durability with a soft touch: Made from a strong nylon weave, Hibiki can be stretched tight as natural skin and withstand bachi strikes from even the most aggressive tsugaru shamisen player. Unlike other synthetic skins, Hibiki has a softer texture which will not wear down the bachi. Being synthetic, it is waterproof and can be played in the rain!
    • Crystal Clarity: When skillfully played, the tone of a shamisen can express a wide range of emotion and flavors tones. Hibiki is perfectly balanced to bring out the best of your playing. When gently plucking, the skin responds with clear resonance, and the buzzing drone of the sawari hums with an electric-like brilliance.
    •  For Tsugaru style, the special qualities of Hibiki is instantly recognizable from the very first strike of the ichi no ito. With proper tatakibachi technique, the ichi-no-ito punches with depth and sustain. Whether played gently or aggressively, Hibiki provides you with tones filled with a spectrum of color and presence!
  • Hibiki Synthetic Skin (White)

    • Professional Hibiki Skinning available by Kyle Abbott in California

Additional information

Skin Type

Hibiki (Black), Hibiki (White)


Both Sides (Black), Both Sides (White), One Side (Black), One Side (White)


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