I know what you're thinking. "It's about time!" Indeed! At last, Bachido is selling it's own brand of coffee!

Roasted by Kyle Abbott himself, Bachido Coffee is made to give the drinker a unique coffee experience. You see, a really dark roast overshadows the fruity flavors in the bean with "roast" flavor. Bachido Coffee is roasted lighter to bring out the natural flavors of the beans. (I.e, a flavor other than "brown")

Wow, I think that is the best espresso I ever had. –Anne, Bachido Member

Note: Freshness cannot be guaranteed for international orders. Still, the feeling of awesomeness to hold a bag of Bachido Coffee will never go stale.

  • Creamy Kevin
  • Quantity: ~400g
  • Origin: Ethiopia (Dry Process)
  • Availability: SOLD OUT

Creamy Kevin ~ Signature Roast ~

Send your taste buds on a journey! Creamy Kevin is the dessert of coffees. The beans are Ethiopia Saris Abaya, and to quote the description from Sweet Marias, “Bold, potent cup, with peach tea, strawberry, tropical fruit juice, Brazil nut and cocoa nibs. Darker roasts have semi-sweet chocolate roast tones and creamy mouthfeel. Layered results across roast spectrum, including Neapolitan ice cream and German chocolate cake.” The best part? it’s zero calories!