Kouki Boat Koma (Half Bone)

Kouki Boat Koma (Half Bone)


This koma is made with a Kouki base and a bone saddle. While it is technically sized for Tsugaru style, it can be used with any shamisen type. Scroll below for sound test video!

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The koma is a bridge which, like all stringed instruments, transfers vibrations from the string to the skin, producing sound which you can hear.

This bamboo base of this koma is called “Boat Shape”. The base is slightly thicker while the middle is cut away. Personally, I don’t find a huge difference between the Boat Shape base and the standard base. You’ll probably hear a slight difference in tone between the two, but I don’t think one is “better” than the other. Furthermore, when comparing the sound quality of two koma, it’s important to consider the tightness and age of the shamisen skin, as some koma may sound better on fresher or older skins than others.

Sound quality:
Despite being a harder wood, kouki has warmer tone compared to koma made with bamboo.

Base – Kouki
Saddle – Bone

Length: 63mm
Width: 6.7mm
Height: 8.18mm

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Bamboo, Bone




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