Satinwood Itomaki Set

Satinwood Itomaki Set


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This set of Elite Itomaki is made from Satinwood, and fitted with African Blackwood pegs.

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These days, Satinwood is used for many styles of itomaki in Japan. Satinwood is known as shiro-kouki in the shamisen world (which is hilarious as it’s completely unrelated to kouki), and we used spiral (nejiri/rassen) satinwood itomaki sets in our Eclipse shamisen.

This is one (and only one set) of Elite Itomaki with Satinwood. The only difference from similar Satinwood soragara (star shape) itomaki in Japan is the fact that Elite Itomaki pegs are made with African Blackwood, which is much harder than ebony and will turn true longer.

Note: Brand new itomaki must be specially fitted for each hole. While it is possible to install itomaki yourself, know that it will require some sanding and drilling of string holes. (Instructions available here!) If you’d prefer your new Elite Itomaki to be fitted with Professional Installation, I (Kyle Abbott) will need your sao in order to ensure a perfect fit. After purchasing, please send an email to store (at) bachido (dot) com so we can make arrangements for sending in your sao. :-)Learn all about Elite Itomaki and how to install them by clicking on the respective links!

Important: Please read before purchase.

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